Whiskybits Repository

Whiskybits Repository

The Whiskybits Repository

At the Whiskybits Repository we take our whiskies serious. For us, it’s a whole lot more than getting drunk and making fools of ourselves. Not to say we haven’t, but our aspirations are a bit higher.

There is so much more to whisky. For many it’s a way of life, a part of their heritage and culture. It’s a craft that demands patience and a commitment to producing something of the highest quality. Making a good whisky is an artform that requires talent and a devotion to creating something memorable, something enduring.  It’s also a powerhouse, an industry that powers the economic vitality of many a small town, large city and even a nation!

Whiskybits is  a lifestyle magazine. We are naive — or perhaps arrogant — enough to believe that we too can make a meaningful contribution to whisky’s legacy. We will attempt to do so by writing quality posts related to the whisky lifestyle. But we’d like to do more and the Whiskybits Repository is an attempt to do so.

Everyday there are amazing articles written about the world of whisky. Folks with a lot more talent and expertise than us write these articles.  (I know that’s a bit hard to believe, but it’s true.) We are, however, concerned that in this electronic age, the lifespan of many of these articles is very short. And once they fall off Google’s first page, if they are lucky enough to get there in the first place, they may dissipate into the ether.

So, if you have authored or read an interesting article on whisk(e)y, let us know! Please provide the name of the article, its author(s), and its source website. We’ll take it from there.

We will do our best to add it to the Whiskybits Repository. Surprisingly however, we do have some criteria to follow:

Repository Criteria —

  1. The article must be about whisk(e)y or at the very least whisky related. While we love jazz, art and fast cars, the Whiskybits Repository is devoted to whisk(e)y.
  2. The contribution must be an article, 1,500 words minimum: we are not looking for blog posts.
  3. The source of the article must be an online magazine, newspaper or ebook.
  4. The article should contain a byline and cite an author or authors.
  5. Whiskybits must be able to obtain a Linking Agreement from the source publication.

Thank you for assisting us with this endeavour.


Bill Flynn