whisky toasting glassesWelcome to Whiskybits, 

Whiskybits is a lifestyle magazine for the discerning whisky enthusiast.

Why the title Whiskybits? Well, one evening while enjoying a dram of our favorite Islay, it occurred to me that the essence of whisky is quite simple, just barley, water, and yeast. Yet, it is a dynamic and volatile spirit, which evolves over time assuming a complexity that bewilders, yet delights.

Savoring a good whisky is a sensory experience with intellectual foundations. In fact, it’s knowing the backstory, the history, people and folklore of whisky that is so compelling and so essential to fully appreciate the spirit in the glass.

So I decided I would create a magazine that was a bit like whisky itself, simple and unpretentious, yet endlessly complex and evolving. My central theme is whisky but I will dabble in issues that I believe will enrich and bewilder your lives.

Whiskybits will entertain you, enlighten you and enrich your life. I’ll expose you to the arts, to music and literature. I’ll introduce you to fine foods and exotic places.

Sound a bit pretentious?

Not to worry! My tastes are eclectic, and I’m as likely to write about BBQ, Zydeco, and the Louisiana bayou as I am about Wynton and the New York jazz scene.

To help set the mood, I’ll profile some unique whiskies; maybe a Scotch, an Irish, a bourbon, rye or a new flavored whiskey coming on the scene. And then to entertain and enlighten I’ll be posting articles on the arts, music, literature and leisure activities such as travel, dining, and entertainment.

So, if you have an unrelenting thirst (pun intended) for adventure, sit back, pour yourself a dram and join me on my journey.


William P. Flynn

(February 2017)






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